Mary-Jane Schumacher (mjs)

Established Artist, born in Strasbourg-France, Mary-Jane Schumacher studied fine Art, archaeology and architecture with a specialization in visual art. She has also completed courses and seminars at the Ecole du Louvre in preparation of cultural Heritage Curator. She has worked on digital animation projects for Disney and made ​​storyboards. Her training as an illustrator took her travelling around the world, in France, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus and to Greece. Founder of a non profit artist organization (NAUTE) devoted to art-exhanges between Greece and France. A painter since childhood, she is exhibiting her work regularly in visual exhibitions and in cultural places.


"My good knowledge of the graphic chain, production follow-through, and recording and archaeological drawings techniques sustain the quality of my work. Relying on to my sense of the details and aesthetic, I am committed to create efficient visual documents and quality graphic records. I am proficient with traditional media and Vector works. My illustrations have been published in numerous journals, books and site reports. I have a keen interest in art, archaeology and cultural heritage and I am pleased to be involved in exhibitions projects and art exchanges.

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