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Event support


Graphic design

Oil-Pastel exhibition by Jane Vogas, Gallery Ann Lacey, BIELEFIELD, Germany 2013, Dec. 7-23: Colors of Crete

Assistance and visual communication

Painting exhibition and events Babis Pilarinos, Gallery 59 Rivoli, PARIS, France 2012, March 6-18: Paradise Now ! Contes Modernes Paintings


Photographs by Caroline Sattler, The Lake Gallery, AGHIOS NIKOLAOS, Crete 2011, June 24-July 3.

The Lake Gallery , AGHIOS NIKOLAOS, Crete 2011: Local and International contemporary Artists represented by -paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures.

Art-exchanges NAUTE, Non profit Artist's Union Travelling through Europe GREECE & FRANCE. 2005-2010


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