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Photography Exhibition

  • CRETE Aghios Nikolaos, 2011/ 24/06-03/07 : Wall of Crete & Ailleurs Land

    Caroline Sattler

    The exhibition of the French photographer Caroline Sattler heralds officially the opening of  the gallery art-sourcing* Τέχνη εν έργω  catering for the support of fine art and arts resources located by the lake’s playground at Aghios Nikolaos. Pictures of the series entitled ”Walls of Crete and Ailleurs Land” were exhibited first in Paris before to be showcased on the island close back to their subject of quotidian life here. The artist focuses are on colour, composition and material. Landscapes are for her “open windows” on the world. Have you ever paid attention to the walls of Crete? Much more than stones, concrete or wood, they are truly witness to our past and tell us a lot about our history. As the confidents of time, they absorb day by day the taste of life and keep in their heart the memory of cities. When travelling and experiencing new landscapes they sow seeds for poetic expression and creation “ opening the way to ourselves, to the others and to the world” say the photographer.



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